The Hobby Horse was crowned the King of May

A shrine for us who live on the Minehead Bay

The Sailors Horse will dance and bow and play

In the old traditional way

Hail for the ancient King of May

A-One! A-Two! A-Three! A-Four! A-Five! A-Six! A-Seven! A-Eight! A-Nine! A-Ten!


Its origins lost in the distant past the Sailors Horse dances the streets of Minehead today as it has done for centuries. To the beat of the Drum and the zing of the Accordion it swings and swaggers through the town, flicking the air with its long tail, a bright shiver of ribbons and ostrich plumes, chasing the children, accosting the men and catching the women.

In the old days they say it frightened away the Danes. In the 21st Century it can still make the heart race and the legs prepare to flee.

The Hobby Horse is still a vibrant part of the English traditional landscape. Long may it stalk the streets of Minehead on Mayday...  

There is more than one Horse in Minehead so which Horse are you looking at?

The Original Sailors' Horse

The Original Sailors' Horse's musicians and followers wear white peaked caps and collect for local charities RNLI and Mencap


The other two horses in Minehead are

The Traditional Sailors Horse

The Town Horse

You might also be lucky enough to see small horses or Colts run by youngsters