Photo in progress Pul Atkinson from West London is the Zyderythmics' drummer. He has many years experience of many bands especially swing and has brought great Zydeco rhythms to our style. Sue Warren  on  rubboard is the Zyderythmics' female vocalist.  A solo performer in her own right, she brings her beautiful voice and fantastic stage energy to the Zyderythmics, honed in such great bands as Zydecoactive and Z-Funk.


Pete Hartley is our bass guitarist, his experience of many bands, expertise, enthusiasm for the music and great stage energy makes the Zyderythmics rhythm section a force to be reckoned with. This guy makes you rock! Phil Underwood  is the Zyderythmics' founder and manager, fronting the band on accordion and vocals. Since 1991 he has played Cajun and Zydeco music in Britain, Europe, the Middle East and the USA, fronting his own bands and appearing with many great Louisiana artists. His authentic style, commitment and stage presence set the tone for the Zyderythmics' energy and highly danceable sound.


Steve Hennings is the Zyderythmics' guitarist. A professional music teacher at the prestigious Goldsmiths' College he underpins the band with a keen feel for the Zydeco rhythm, spiced up with jazz influences and subtle distinctive solos.    
Patrick Levett from Biggin Hill in Kent is the Zyderythmics' standby drummer. He has 15 years experience and is a long time fan of Louisiana music. His influences include Carlton Bennet (Wailers), Bernard Purdey, Ziggy Mondeliste (The Meaters), Dr John, Prof Longhair, Alain Toussaint - and Bob Dylan.    
Seggie stands in on rubboard and vocals when Sue is unavailable. Her warm, bluesy voice and subtle rhythmic rubboard playing are highly appreciated by any audience, most notably at the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues festival where she acquitted herself against many great jazz ladies. Check out our demo audio clip elsewhere on this site and see if you don't agree she might be regarded as the Cleo Laine of Zydeco.


Andy Jones  (a Zyderythmics founder member) guests for us on drums or guitar when Pat or Steve are otherwise committed. A another solo artist and true all rounder he has a fine rock voice and amazing ability to play just about any instrument.