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Why Choose Us?

The Zyderythmics play arguably some of the most listenable and danceable Zydeco music this side of Louisiana, spiced up with Jazz and Blues influences, and can appeal to a wide range of audiences. The band members are committed artists who have studied the techniques at first hand of some of the greatest Louisiana artists around. We not only cover the styles of Zydeco greats such as Grammy winners Clifton Chenier and Rosie Ledet, Geno Delafose, Chris Ardoin and Keith Frank, but also interpret blues classics such as Lady Marmalade and Ain't No Sunshine. We write and perform our own catchy numbers like Zydeco Coat and When You Were a Child.  Our recent concerts at the 2006 Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival were sellouts, to rave reviews. It's a band that can make any venue rock with our storming rhythms. The chair has just become obsolete.

Music and  dance workshops

Two of us are experienced Zydeco dance teachers and, uniquely, we can offer Zydeco dance or instrument workshops separately or as part of a package.

Own PA

The band has a high quality PA (Spirit mixer, Peavey speakers, Shure/AT mikes, Laney monitors) suitable for small to medium venues.


We work with you to make your event a success. We get to our gigs on time, we don't drink too much on stage, we are polite to the sound engineers and we play our socks off.

What Events can we Play?

Dance clubs, arts centres, town centres, festivals, weddings, corporate events, private parties, in fact anything anywhere in Britain, Europe, Louisiana or the world.