NEW!!  Full length video clip from ZydecoZity 2006 of Zyderythmics with Lisa Haley (RealVideo, 9.8Mb, only suitable for Broadband. Courtesy Marjoline)


Click HERE for a You TubeTM video of us playing in the Grassmarket at Edinburgh 2006 (Courtesy John Mcintyre)


Zyderythmics at Gloucester Short Movie Clip (Windows Media Clip) 0.5Mb


Zyderythmics at Gloucester Full Movie Clip (Windows Media Clip) 3.19Mb



Note: the longer clips may take a while to load - mainly recommended for Broadband users

Annas Song and Zydeco Coat are copyright Phil Underwood,  Zydeco Coat lyrics Phil Underwood  arr Sue Warren.

Thanks to Anna Underwood for the footage of Gloucester and Neil Papworth for footage at File Gumbo.